Carpet Installation

Farrell Floors offers professional carpet installation services. Our team of experts are skilled in carpet installation using skills like minimizing and hiding
seams, matching surface transition heights and
using specialized tools. 

Carpet Installation

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The Installation Process

1. Remove Old Carpet
  • Using Utility Knife, Cut Into Strips
  • Place Old Carpet & Padding Outside 
  • Remove Old Tack Strips 
  • Sweep Away Debris

2. Lay Down Underpad
  • Measure & Cut New Tack Strips  
  • Nail New Tack Strips Into Subfloor
  • Roll Out New Padding  
  • Secure Padding to Subfloor

3. Lay Down New Carpet  
  • Attach Carpet Onto Tack Strips
  • Stretch Carpet with Power Stretcher
  • Cut Excess Carpet from Edges
  • Tuck Carpet Edges Under Baseboards